Release-AWS EdStart Pitch Day, San Francisco

AWS EdStartとは、教育技術(EdTech)に関するAWSのスタートアップアクセラレーターで、起業家がAWSクラウド上で次世代のオンライン学習、分析、キャンパス管理ソルーションを構築できるよう設計されたクラウドサービスを指す。




今回は、サンフランシスコ ロフトに場所を移してのピッチイベントだ。今回ピッチ予定は以下の9社。


  1. ClassHook – Easily find educational videos from TV shows and movies to use in your lessons
  2. Corsava – Corsava’s tools help counselors identify colleges where their students will thrive and graduate.
  3. Inkerz – Inkerz is the first to bridge handwriting with the online experience – without the need for a special pen, special tablet or writing pad.
  4. LoopLearn – LoopLearn automates the attendance marking process in schools using computer vision technology.
  5. Memorang – Flashcards, practice questions, and study games for serious students
  6. PAPERbasket – PAPERbasket helps educators improve the fidelity of their edtech resources, but it also helps officials control edtech budgets.
  7. Roybi – ROYBI is a friendly robot that personalizes your child’s learning experience, teaching them new languages and skills
  8. Tassel Software – Our mission is to build intuitive products that augment the ability of college advisors and counselors to collaborate with their students.
  9. WeAdmit – Through our immersive coaching program and online team of college counselors, WeAdmit guides high school students like yours as they find their best-fit college.